Faster Treatment

Clinical laboratories and radio-diagnostic investigations are very integral part of healthcare systems and management. In fact, report has it that of the 42.8% prevalence in medical errors in Nigeria, radio-laboratory investigations errors are as high as 83.9%. ​ In Africa generally, and Nigeria in particular; human, material and financial resources available to healthcare are unevenly resourced and distributed across the country – leading to the lack of confidence in the nation’s healthcare system, and the consequent increasing spate of medical tourism and brain drain of Nigeria’s medical talents. ​ Alpha Mead Group, through its subsidiary, Alpha Mead Healthcare & Management Services Limited (AMHS) is dedicated to bridging this gap with solutions that guarantee access to efficient and effective healthcare support services that patients can afford.

Driven by Technology

The Modular Healthcare Facility (MHF) is designed to liberalize quality healthcare services for everyone, improve turn-around time between disease detection and treatment, and retain the huge value Nigeria loses to medical tourism to the economy. ​ ​The MHF is a prefabricated, modular diagnostic facility designed to be low cost, easily accessible, and equipped with RISPACS and telehealth infrastructure for real-time reporting of investigations and remote consultation respectively

Functionality meets Technology

From the MHF, a patient anywhere in Nigeria can be diagnosed, have the result reviewed by a medical professional anywhere in the world, consult with a doctor through its telemedicine facilities and access medications through the nearest registered pharmacies. ​